This year, we have a new coding club opening up!

Sign upwill be available next Tuesday, September 3rd.

I will be so excited to hear any interest in signing up.

The one thing amazing about programming is that you could combine programming with whatever you are interested in, no matter it is music or anatomy.

No matter you are a programmer or not, programming is for you! I strongly encourage minorities and young women to come. Every member matter to us.

After we receive the list of club members, we will talk to each of you to get to know your opinions, such as what you hope to gain, your goals and your interests. Then, we could decide whether we will start rigorous programming language learning, work on individual or group projects, or fun beginner coding introduction.

I want to know what matters to you and how could we work together. I want you to have fun. The decision of joining the coding club will make a difference!