My Testimony
I always love to share. No matter happiness or sadness. Through sharing, people grow and find inspiration. Here I am, sharing with you my own personal, joyful life-changing experience.

I am a typical girl who grew up with hundreds of Barbie dolls. I did not play Legos. I was told that Legos are for boring boys, so I never touched it.

From middle school until high school, I was being told that coding is not for me. That is for a genius who gets A-pluses from both science and math. Fair enough. I did not want to be a nerd anyway, so I stick to what I was being told.

Things began to fall apart last year as I was on my Instagram. I wanted to design my personal profile. Why not try to code?

I was fascinated by programming. Seeing the output from the computer screen, I was filled with joy and proud, knowing that I am able to make a change in the world regardless of nationality and location by using one laptop in the hand.

I changed in the meantime. I am finally able to prioritize and manage my time. The one that matters to me the most is that coding teaches me how to solve a problem and offers me a mindset from the world of logic. The insight guides me through my everyday life. I can’t describe how helpful it is. Through sharing, I want to fulfill you with the same joy that I am enhancing. I want coding to be your inspiration as it is to me.